Three Days. 100 Men.

Man to Men      November 5, 6, and 7      Northern California      Registration now open    Man to Men      Date Pending      Southern California

What is Man to Men? 

Men are tired of bullshit so we won't give you any. The Man to MEN event is for men who aspire to be more than individuals and want to experience the power of men working toward common efforts. It's that simple.  The Man to Men event is more fun than you've ever had being a man. Prepare to laugh at the painful truth, claim your mastery, execute discipline over your emotions, and hone your senses.

Our purpose

To unite men so that we realize our strength and impact when joined in a common cause.

You're going to have to trust another man to get here

Join us for this amazing experience


This event is for men (age 21 minimum). The event starts at 4 pm Friday and ends on or before 6 pm Sunday. Registration is $400 a man. Meals for Saturday and Sunday are included in the registration as are accommodations in the cabin bunkhouses on Friday and Saturday nights. Man-to-Men in Northern California takes place at the CYO Camp located Occidental (Sonoma County). The next event is November 5, 6, and 7. The Southern California event site for a 2021 event will be announced soon. Events are facilitated by Mitch DeArmon and Scott Carstens. 

I'm interested. Contact me with more info.